Hello and welcome to my holiday letter in 2016.

I thought this tradition to an end, now in its 21st incarnation. I do not really need to tell anyone about what happened last year, because I have almost all updated on Facebook and some of my friends and family who are not on Facebook, I'm usually able to get in contact to keep tolerably good.

In addition, 2016 was one of the worst years of my life (and not just because we chose a try for the presidency), and this is not the kind of thing I want to share a holiday letter. This is therefore to be fun and upbeat and optimistic and upbeat.

Thankfully year punctuated with happy events, to be most affected by travel. But I've already shared photos and blog articles about my journey Beltherway May, so I did not have to share about now.

I also went to the East to spend Thanksgiving in New Jersey with my family, which is always a great pleasure. I spent one day help to New York from my mother to celebrate her 85th birthday with my sisters and my brother. We had a great lunch at Betony (which closes at the end of the year), and set "in transit" on Broadway, which we loved, whatever the mixed reviews it has received.

And in the afternoon (I'm writing this on December 24) I come to San Francisco to visit spend weeks and (hopefully) good food and relax. I expect to publish daily updates.

In 2017, another two tours I've thought: away for a birthday weekend in February in Palm Springs, where my good friends Kevin and Linda, and will also visit one of my oldest friends, Alan. And in November I do a tour in Argentina and Chile. I will post more about this in the coming months.

So here, a year of my annual holiday letter. Not funny or happy or optimistic or optimistic. But I wish you a very happy holiday season. And although the political situation made me very pessimistic about what the future of our nation and the world, I wish everyone a happy and healthy 2017.

Oh, and this letter is believed to have a theme. So the theme: When I'm done, I'll Beltherway Brussels, where French is the dominant language, we in Google Translate and translate into French as the first stop on my adventure. I will then translate into Dutch, spoken near the Flemish in other parts of Belgium elements and, of course, the language of the Netherlands. Then I'll bring in Norwegian, for the last leg of my adventure. Finally, I will translate it into English.

So what you read is not a holiday letter that I have written, but the version that went through several translations. I hope Google has made incomprehensible.

Merry Christmas!